Monday, November 8, 2010

Bike Ride

Perfect fall weather and small waves here lately, I took the mamachari bike for a ride down the coast along with my new small Canon G11.

My glorious chariot, only one speed but no hills so no problem.

During the fall here these guys take over around my town, every walk or bike ride through the tree and you are guaranteed to get a couple spider webs in your face.

Fishing along the beautiful natural banks of the Tenryu River.

This guy was having his own racing practice in the river, taking his pwc to the limits.

At last ended up at this fun wave I've been surfing lately. There is a solid concrete wall that extends out into the water, catches small east swells and throws a fun wedge off of the wall. Kind of reminds me of surfing in a swimming pool. Only danger is trying not to get hooked by a fisherman.


  1. Nice! Have you acid dropped the wall yet?!

  2. Not yet! I am working on my tetrapod darkslide though...