Thursday, October 21, 2010


A new fish from Nori-san and some new custom fins from Gun-san. Gun-san uses prints that he finds on random bandanas to glass into some uniquely designed fins. This board is a super fun fish modeled after my J7 fish (which was modeled after Sterdog's blue angel Arrow). Bird is over here visiting and he is blowing minds all over the beaches of Fukude on this board.


  1. I want to see the pics of Matt blowing minds.

  2. Yeah...I want to see pics of me blowing people's minds apart. Preferably in high def slow mo sequences with a deep cacophonous voice bellowing, "NOOOO...NNOOOOO!!" over and over.
    Board did go good... until I smacked those smiley face peace bart t signature fins off!

  3. No pics of the mind blowing turns, you will have to use your imagination!
    Bird- Gun-san hooked up the repair for free, I owe you 5 grand.

  4. Gun-san's way too kind... I already feel indebted to the man. Hook him up with something nice with that 5 g's! We'll work on it over Christmas. I'm thinking some Cali surf history relic to go with his collection...