Thursday, April 29, 2010


A few more shots from Unagi-san, and my first attempts at making action sequences in photoshop.

FAIL! But a nice view at least.

This one started out clean, but soon turned into a Frothy Banger.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sandy Tetrapod Nuggets

The sand has been filling in at all the right places around here recently. Recently a little nook down the coast has been lighting up during the bigger windswell days, with a right that bends around the corner of a tetrapod jetty. Each wave ends about 6 inches of water, so if you go down you will be picking sand out of your crevices for a while. 2 out of every 3 would close out at the end, so I had a lot of sand picking to do. Unagi-san (website coming soon) was set up down the beach with his 500mm one morning taking photos of everyone, including myself. Here are a few stills, more sequences to come.

*All Photos by Unagi-san*

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shimoda Part 2 (of 2)

Al Templeman Look-Alike Spotted in Shimoda! I think this guy might have raided my Dad's closet before he took out the trash this morning.

Overview of Shirahama, when one side of the penninsula is a stormy closed out mess, this side is much cleaner.

And offshore...

The Ramaru Dinner! Hot dog, hamburger and coffee! You must be asking for some serious heartburn if you take down all three of these at once. We opted for the conveyor belt sushi restaurant next door, easy choice to make.

Nice scenery paddling out at Ohama.

Ejecto tube stance.

Me striking 'blue steel' and about to go over the falls.

Local hero, this guy had it wired and was on every good wave that came through at Ohama.

What is this, kneeboarding? Stand up!

Ohama overview, looking right.

... And looking left. Entrance to Shimoda bay far in the distance around the rocks.

Local graffiti on the wall at Ohama, it reads "Local Surfing Spot -->" Luckily I had on my "I'm a local everywhere" T-shirt so I didn't get hassled.

View from the standard room at the Island Avenue pension. You have to lift your head a whole 6 inches off of your pillow to check the waves.

Last day we took a gondola ride up the hill to the top of Mount Nesugata from downtown Shimoda for an overview of the town.

A few views of the main entrance to the bay.

Temple and park at the top.

Thats all folks, at least until I make another trip back out to the Izu Pennisula for some more Shimoda action.