Monday, January 11, 2010




Yes, it snows in Japan. On the west coast of Japan, storms come marching in from Korea and the Sea of Japan carrying plenty of cold air and moisture and dump snow all over the west coast. Bad for surfing but great for skiing and snowboarding, and "snowboogieboarding."

I went out to take a leisurely stroll down the street, it turned into a slow march through a blizzard.

10 minutes later, the weather cleared for a bit and I made to a shrine in the neighborhood. Nobody else was around at the time, so I had a some time to myself before my hands started to go numb and I hiked back to the house.

Matty the Model and Mini Waves

I has been almost 2 months since I took these photos while home in Ventura, but I made a new years resolution to get back on the blog wagon.

Matty dog, working it for the camera.

The duck did not survive.

A few from down on the beach messing around in the low tide...

Finally, Brett took these last shots of Harry and I down the beach with my camera using an old broken zoom lens, but managed to get a couple keepers. Perfect light this afternoon...