Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Has it been a month since my last post? Seems like yesterday...
Don't go any further if you dislike the color yellow at all.

The weather is warming and the fields are blossoming here in Japan, in the next few weeks we will see the sakura trees begin to blossom, for now we have these wild yellow flowers of which I don't know the name.

I wasn't the only one getting my flower photographing on, I counted about 30 people with cameras of all shapes and sizes, along with lenses, tripods, straps, memory cards etc. This field was very well documented this day.

The owners of the field built a handy scaffolding to give everyone a better view, from a distance it resembled a boat with passengers floating on the field.

One interesting thing I noticed was the the industrial gravel pit located a few feet from the field. Everything seemed serene and peaceful as long as you were looking away from the gravel pit.

My retinas were burning after a solid dose of bright yellow for an hour, so I hiked the trail around the lake and reacquainted myself with some old camera tricks.

Vertigo looking up into the tree tops.

Checking to see if my on-camera flash still works. Yep.

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  1. that was really nice of that fat kid to hold your watermark for you.

    now 'yellow submarine' is in my head.