Friday, March 26, 2010

Shimoda Part 1

Took a road trip down to the town of Shimoda, a small town at the bottom of the Izu penninsula. Wasn't exactly sure what to expect out there, but I was pleasantly surprised with the town, the landscape, the beaches, and more importantly the surf.
Much of the landscape reminded me of a mix of big sur, carmel, and hawaii, only without all of the sharks and angry locals.

Not my photo, this is a screenshot from google earth, a great way to scout out new areas.

Driving north through Shizuoka, Fuji-san towers over most of the surrounding landscape. This is not a great photo of Fuji but I had to grab a quick pic of the view from gas station along the main highway.

View from rest stop #1.

View from rest stop #2. After a 5 hour drive I was ready to run straight down the cliff and into the water asap.

Shirahama, lit "white beach" was the first stop. Small waves and prevailing offshore wind.

I can add this one to my collection of ill-posed photos of me pulling into rock-wave-tube formations. Am I the only one who does this?

Offshore 1-foot perfection at Shirahama.

Our pension, "Island Avenue", great views, great food, close to the beach, perfect!

Downtown Shimoda shop.

Iritahama beach exploring.

Course #4 of a 5-course dinner, and Kirin # 823 of the weekend.

Nice afternoon surf at Ohama beach, there are a variety of nooks and crannies for waves to sneak in and do their thing, this is just one of them.

Me on the leftbowl looking to perform an "action"


  1. sick entry! that zone looks incredible.

    ...and yes, you're the only one who does that. hehe

  2. jealous bart-o, waves look fun and nobody out! must be fun to cruise the country and explore - hope I can make it out in the fall