Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Indo # Dua

In no particular order here are some more photos from Indo, all of these are from the island of Sumbawa at an area known as Lakey Peak. Every kind of wave ranging from fun rippable walls to death reef slabs (depending on the tide) can be found withing a 10k stretch of coastline here. Nothing else out here except a few places to stay and eat and nothing to do but surf, eat and explore the low tide reef, ... and kick Bird's a$$ in cards while sipping Bintangs.

Lakey Pipe, low tide, not very surfable at this tide but interesting waves bending into the reef.

Last light at the peak, looking a bit more like trestles than a heavy reef break.

Urchins, crabs, surfboard fins, live coral, you can find it all.

Local catching some dinner while tourist goes over the falls.

It is safer than it looks. Big tide swings here, this is taken at low tide, high tide sees waves breaking underneath the tower with water coming almost up to the first deck.

Different angle of Lakey Pipe, low tide, nobody out.

Across the channel from Lakey Pipe, this right is fast and shallow, but looks nice in the afternoon light.

Bintang time at the beach pub/shack.


Heavy local Hortis the cock-eyed goat.

At first glance this is a cute beach pup, but after hearing about a recent rabies outbreak on the neighboring island Bali I was hesitant to get too close. Is he foaming at the mouth?

More local wildlife.

View from the front porch of the Aman Gati hotel.

Aman Gati grounds.

Lakey Peak, low tide. Perfect wave but very shallow. I took this photo from the tower after getting bounced off of the reef hard, somewhere under that wave there is a good chunk of my skin stuck to the reef.


  1. Bart, you two are living the life! Awesome.

    Mike V

  2. I agree w/ the above. Sweet pics bro.