Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Indo # 3

Last light speed blur photos from Lakey Pipe. There was not enough light to capture sharp wave photos, so I was panning and moving the camera to get some more interesting colors and textures out the waves. Out of about one hundred shots I ended up with these three that I liked, yeay digital.

This one especially caught my eye, more of a painting than a photo.

Out the front door of the Aman Gati.

Another view of the peak from the Aman Gati pool.

Photo of the right taken from the tower, nobody out because in about 2 seconds after this moment the right ends on dry reef.

I went to indo and the waves were perfect blah blah blah.

Some lucky stiff getting shacked and some unlucky stiff eating reef.

Don't worry, children don't get to drive alone until they are 4.

View from a hike up the hills behind the Lakey base camp. Periscopes right is inside the little reef cove in the distance.

...Back to Bali...

These few are taken from down on the beach under the cliff at Uluwatu at dusk, not much surf this night but unbelievable light and clouds just like every other night. Played around with some long exposures on the shore.

Kuta Beach, Sunday afternoon, hot and crowded paradise.

Bird's secret spot, only 45 min away from Kuta beach, but much more room to breath.


  1. Those are some good frigging photos. But where is the shot of the can of Bintang with a wave in the background? Are you going to post directions to Matt's secret spot . . . .

  2. I can only take you there by motorbike, blindfolded for the final 5k...

  3. True, I was blind from bugs in the eyes, pretty sure I couldn't find my way back there.