Monday, September 14, 2009

Skate n Surf

Akihito, our new local friend and unofficial tour guide took me to one of the many skateboard ramps in town after the beach cleanup and I tried as hard as I could to not break any bones. Its been a few years since I have skated a ramp, so I was a little bit shakey. Akihito spilled some blood, but there were no other casualties.

This is how I spent most of my time on the ramp.

Heavy locals at the ramp.

oh dude...oh my god...

Akihito was going hard taking some spills, but at least he had some pads on...

A couple days later, we took a road trip up the coast to get some waves. We ended up at this spot with a concrete jetty/walkway that seems like it was built just for surfers to run out and jump off of. Here I am asking for some directions...

Wave check.

YES WE CAN! Akihito shows his Obama pride.

Statue of Liberty at the Beach on a Surfboard? Add this to the list of bizarre but classic things I have come across in Japan.

The water is still trunkable, for now.

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