Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Morning Commute

Here are some photos taken this morning on the walk to the beach from our new place in Hamamatsu. About 7 minutes from the front door to the sand by foot, 2 minutes by skateboard, 1 minute by bike. There is plenty to check out in this new town and new area, and I just scored a mountain bike, so I will be exploring plenty.

Sign on the way to the beach, I believe the translation reads, Warning, do not stroll the shorebreak fully clothed, you may be caught inside by a Tsunami and attacked by a cross-eyed catfish with eyebrows.

According to my personal translator, "Hama" means beach and "matsu" means pine tree, like these that line the beach.

But most importantly, WAVES! There is a huge stretch of beach here, with miles and miles of beachbreak. There were plenty of fun peaks to choose from this morning, leftovers from a tropical storm making its way up north. Plenty of fishing going on as well, with boats patrolling the outside and fisherman in 4wd jeeps spread out along the shoreline.

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