Friday, August 28, 2009


Downtown Toyama.

Well, not much new to add today, but here are a few random pics from the past month. Moving this weekend out to an apartment practically on the beach in Hamamatsu, a nice city near some good surf on the East Coast of Japan, in between Tokyo and Nagoya. So stay tuned for some new photos of some new scenes.

Rooftop patterns.

Downtown Toyama Dancers

Shrine in the foothills of the Tateyama mountains. Natural spring water flows abundantly here and is incorporated into shine, you can drink the water here straight out of the ground and it tastes better than anything you could ever buy in a bottle.

Rain drops on a leaf, my attempt at macro photography. For any photo geeks, I tried to to reverse mount two lenses together to make an extreme macro lens, I think I should just pony up the $ for a good macro lens.

More of this to come, hopefully...

A sneak peek at Reef's new line of spring "toilet" sandals.

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