Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Typhoon Roke made a direct hit in Fukude/Hamamatsu on Wednesday, winds up to 80mph and 25ft surf.

Flying tree limbs and pieces of metal sheds prevented me from going outside and capturing any peak action, but I filmed these 2 quick clips from the safety of my place. I thought the ol wagon R might fly away at any second...

Roke2 from Bart Templeman on Vimeo.

After things calmed down a bit I checked out the neighborhood...

Mouth of the Tenryu River, seen through the floodgates.

The normally passable beach road in Tenryu. Usually the water line is 100meters to the left, but at some point the storm surge hurled all this junk over the seawall.

It's Friday now, the wind has calmed down and the surf is flat!

But I got some nice evening photos to share in the next blog...

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