Sunday, April 24, 2011

Springtime Surf

Here are a few random pics from the past few weeks. We have had some good surf recently, but I have been a bit more focused on surfing than shooting photos.

These above 2 are from PK, or Komamba, which has been firing about once a week in between flat spells. You can either sit up top and catch the right that peels off the tetrapods (and most likely get burned - 1st photo) or sit inside and get the more hollow waves that swing inside (2nd photo), just have to make sure to kick out before impaling yourself on the tetra-shorepound.

Sho-hei hits the lip during a midday skate sesh along an endless concrete left bowl.

Spring time, its finally warm enough to get back on the bike to scout out local sandbars. Looking right (top photo) and to the left (bottom photo) from the bike trail.

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  1. Man Barto! Them waves look some playful fun! You ridin a Patagucci? How's that thing work? Been surfing fun waves everyday on a new J7 5'9" with just a couple dudes up the north coast, but the water's been stuck at a brutal 48/49degrees...jeez!