Saturday, September 11, 2010


Some more photos from the river bbq. The whole Beach Town crew (including AL!) headed up into the mountains for an all day BBQ, some bridge jumping, plenty of beer drinking, and some midday naps.

All day drinking near the river takes its toll, many a soldier were wounded.
Casualties abound.

Yoshida-san kept his goggles on during his nap, just in case...

Traditional Japanese meat coil. Just kidding, I think this was picked up at the Brazilian meat shop.

BBQ'd rice balls and pumpkin, no tongs here, just chopsticks.

Al gets his hot plate noodles on, cooked up by chef Yasumasa-san.

Everyone (mostly) woke up for the group photo.


  1. awesome entry, that looks like a good time

  2. I will bring some chopsticks back home for you to use the next time you are grillin.