Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beach Bike Trail

I have been lagging a bit with taking photos as of late, but today I took my camera on an afternoon ride down the coast. There is a nice bike trail that stretches along the whole coast here, this is only a portion of it that weaves through the pine forests with beach access points every mile or so. Some of the sights...

If you are on the beach in these parts you are either fishing or surfing, or both.

Bike trail through the pines.

The surf scene is alive and kicking in Japan, especially on weekends. Everyone packs into their vans and parks it at the beach from sunrise to sunset.

Towards the Tenryu rivermouth, the pines gave way to open space and plenty of wind turbines and the lighthouse.

Some lefts peeling into the rivermouth. I have a good feeling about the potential for surf here, the setup resembling a reverse Santa Barbara sandspit.

Racing back home before dark...

Full moon rise over the river in Fukude.

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