Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Road Trip! Part 2

Woke up and made the drive along the coast in the morning, here are some more images from around the Irago Cape. Very steep cliffs and dramatic scenery around here, reminded me of a warmer Big Sur.

WAVES!!! Stumbled upon this spot during a surf check. From what I have seen so far, Japan has the most developed beaches I have ever seen with all kinds of jetties, breakwalls and bizarre cement seawalls covering most areas. At this spot, the swell would squeeze through these breakwalls and create super fun wedges all up and down the beach that broke hard in about 1 foot of water.

Further down the coast we came to this spot in Tahara. It is the site of a few surf contests each year including an ASP longboard contest that finished the day before we showed up. The waves were decent but a bit slow, fun on a fish or longboard. The sand in the foreground is about 200 degrees, I had to do a mad sprint from the car to the water.

Tahara "Long Beach"

The Ride. Nissan Aero Express, complete with rear spoiler so we don't lift off.

Not even sure what the name of this beach was, but it had a pretty decent left coming in.

We made our way down to Omaezaki in the Shizuoka Prefecture. It turned out to be perfect timing since they were having their Hanabi show on the night we arrived. Vendors were lined up and down the road selling every kind of food you could imagine and then some.

More Hanabi!

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  1. Pretty sick. I was wondering what went on in japan to mark the day the US bombed Hirosima 8/7/09. Was it a celebration?

    Your car there is better than what you have here, seems like you have moved up in the world.

    have fun, you have more waves there than here.