Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Tokyo

It would probably take 2 years to see all of Tokyo, we tried to see it in 8 hours. Below are some highlights...

The Asahi Beer headquarters building in Tokyo. Look closely and you will see that the building resembles a giant mug of beer with a foamy head. This building makes me thirsty!

Making homemade soba noodles at a restaurant in Asakusa. I love eating these noodles, and it is considered polite to slurp the noodles noisily. While eating soba with Aya and her family for lunch at this restaurant, I felt like Tom Selleck in this scene from Mr. Baseball, except my mustache isn't as big.

The busy main shopping arcade at Asakusa, where one can buy any kind of souvenir imaginable.

We looked around for a "Cafe Bart", but couldn't find one.

Entering a shrine in the middle of the Shinjuku area near our hotel. It was interesting to see how these simple shrines were located in the middle of such busy urban areas.

The prayer board at the shrine, you can buy a piece of wood and write your prayer or wish on it.

Ringing the bell.

Tokyo skyline view from the hotel room.

First official dinner in Japan, we dined on some Yakitori! Very tasty skewered chicken, you can order any chicken part you can think of, (skin, heart, wing, etc.) they all tasted great.

Nikujaga, a very tasty stew of potatoes, pork, carrot and onion.

Shibuya Station street crossing. This was in the morning, not the busiest time for this intersection, but it was still madness. I hung out of the car window to snap this photo.

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