Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me! (and also back surgery)

Since I have neglected my blog for the past month, I will cram it all into a few entries here. For any of you out there (is there really anyone out there even reading this?) that were dissapointed when I canceled my Myspace account, this is my long awaited return to the online world. I celebrated my 28th with some good old fashioned back surgery!!! Been recovering up in Ojai, getting better day by day. It has actually been really good for getting some other things taken care of, like getting my website finalized. I will be out of the water (off of a board at least) all summer, but I will definitely be at the beach still, mostly taking photos from land and going for a few bodysurfs. Photos from my summer of being a spectator will be posted here, unless they are keepers, then they are going into the portfolio.

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  1. Happy Birthday Bart! I hope you are feeling better. Hope to see you soon in the water.